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Abadan Jewish Cemetery in Ruins

February 22, 2019
IranWire Citizen Journalist
2 min read

This video was created by an IranWire citizen journalist from Abadan in the province of Khuzestan.“This is Abadan’s Jewish cemetery, which at the present is no more than a ruin,” the filmmaker writes. "If in Israel they had destroyed a Muslim cemetery like this, the Muslims would have stopped at nothing [to oppose it]. But many in Abadan do not even know that this cemetery exists. Before the 1979 revolution, this cemetery was within the Iranian Navy’s Jamshid-Abad township, one of the best neighborhoods of Abadan. After the revolution they no longer allowed Jews to be buried there and after the war with Iraq it was practically deserted.”


“They turned part of the cemetery into a park and walled-off another part. It is filled with construction rubble and at night, addicts use it [as a place] to inject and to snort drugs. Taking videos and pictures of this site is prohibited. In addition to the religious belief of those buried there, it could have been a historical site for Abadan.”

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