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The Fightback on Iran's Streets in 35 Short Videos

September 21, 2022
1 min read
Anti-government have been taking place in different cities across Iran since Friday
Anti-government have been taking place in different cities across Iran since Friday

For five nights in a row, mass demonstrations have rocked the streets of disparate cities across Iran in reaction to the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini at the hands of the ‘morality patrol’.

From Mashhad to Tabriz, Sanandaj to Shiraz, citizens representing a cross-section of Iranian society have joined forces in public spaces, on university campuses and online to demand an end to religious dictatorship in their country.

State media outlets in Iran have seemingly been briefed to ignore the events unfolding on the ground, and the Islamic Republic has imposed blocks on mobile internet access in some areas. Despite this a huge amount of video footage of the ongoing unrest has been shared with the media and activists outside of Iran.

The published material tells a story not just of collective rage and grief boiling over after years of regressive rule, but of the desperation of state security forces, who have resorted to wanton violence and uncontrolled lashing out against civilian bystanders in the face of their own impotence.

Meanwhile, the past two nights have also witnessed some unprecedented moments of solidarity between Iranians – male and female, young and old, traditional and liberal – standing up as one to demand change.

The speed at which events are unfolding in Iran has made it difficult to verify isolated videos posted online. But below is a collection of the first-hand footage that was shared with us, and with some other trusted accounts and known members of the media, on Monday, Tuesday and the first half of Wednesday this week.


Monday: Two protesters hang a banner for Mahsa Amini on a Tehran flyover (IranWire)


Monday: Police fire shotguns at protesters in Divandarreh, Kurdistan (IranWire)


Monday: A 10-year-old girl in Bukan is carried away after being shot in the head (Hengaw)


Monday: A large crowd protests in Mashhad's Mellat Park (Abdollah Abdi)


Monday: An elderly woman is rushed to hospital after being shot in Mahabad (IranWire)


Monday: Young demonstrators in Arak chase down a retreating fleet of police cars (IranWire)


Monday: Protesters in Saqqez, Mahsa Amini's hometown, take down the Islamic Republic's flag (Hengaw)


Monday: Protests continue into the evening in central Tehran (1500tasvir)


Monday: A lone woman faces down riot police in Gohardasht, Karaj (Shayan Sardarizadeh)


Tuesday: Citizens attack a plainclothes member of Iran's security forces in Urmia (Pouria Zeraati)


Tuesday: Students at Tabriz Medical University chant "From Kurdistan to Tabriz, our patience is exhausted" (IranWire)


Tuesday: Crowds in Isfahan chant "Disgraceful" at police forces (Masih Alinejad)


Tuesday: People support a women-led demonstration against the morality police in central Tehran (IranWire)


Tuesday: Water cannons are used in a bid to disperse protesters in Tehran's Valiasr Square (Banafsheh Jamali)


Tuesday: Demonstrators in Hamedan shout "Shame on our complicit police" (IranWire)


Tuesday: Protesters in Tehran Bazaar shout "Rest in peace, Mahsa Amini!" (Iran Human Rights)


Tuesday: Demonstrators march down the street in Ilam (Pouria Zeraati)


Tuesday: A large-scale protest on Kish Island in the Persian Gulf (Pouria Zeraati)


Tuesday: A group of demonstrators in Rasht attack baton-wielding officers (IranWire)


Tuesday: Women remove their headscarves in Qom, Iran's most religious city (BBC Persian)


Tuesday: A police car is burned in Mashhad (Shayan Sardarizadeh)


Tuesday: A woman in Kermanshah is shot by security forces (Iran International)


Tuesday: Uniformed officers attack unarmed women with clubs in Mashhad (Borzou Daraghi)

Tuesday: A woman in Kerman cuts off her hair in the middle of a demonstration (Golnaz Esfandiari)

Tuesday: Security forces open fire on fleeing crowds in Shiraz (Kaveh Ghoreishi)

Tuesday: A large crowd engages police cars in Kerman (1500tasvir)


Tuesday: A woman in Sari takes off her headscarf and dances before burning it (Ghazal Golshiri)

Tuesday: A group in Sari burns a banner depicting Ali Khamenei and Ruhollah Khomeini (1500tasvir)


Tuesday: Women burn their headscarves in Gorgan (Ershad Alijani)


Tuesday: Protesters in Iran chant "Death to the Dictator" (Iran Human Rights)


Tuesday: A crowd chants "Death to the Dictator" in Tehran (1500tasvir)


Tuesday: A security forces vehicle is set ablaze in Gohardasht, Karaj (1500tasvir) 

Wednesday: Citizens close Karim Khan Street in Tehran (IranWire)


Wednesday: Students keep up demonstrations at Tehran University (1500tasvir)

Wednesday: Demonstrators in Urmia march straight at security forces and overpower them (IranWire)



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