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Tehran's War on 'Abnormal' Clothing Reaches New Heights

October 28, 2021
1 min read
Tehran's War on 'Abnormal' Clothing Reaches New Heights

“We are serious about eradicating abnormal clothing from the community as soon as possible.”

So said the social affairs deputy of Iran’s Headquarters for Enjoining Good and Prohibiting Vice on Wednesday, October 27. Khan Mohammadi told reporters that certain garments on the market were “inappropriate” and as far as the Headquarters was concerned, “The production and distribution of products contrary to Iranian-Islamic culture is absolutely not acceptable, and violators will be dealt with according to the law."

Tasnim News Agency reports that after a recent meeting between Mohammadi and Saeed Membini, chair of the Iranian Chamber of Trade Unions, the two bodies have set up a joint working group tasked with preparing a national database of trade unions at the county level. This will be done in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.

It will then be responsible, according to Tasnim, for “establishing a joint anti-corruption headquarters", "promoting the culture of halal business", and "introducing and encouraging businessmen and traders who promote the culture of halal livelihood or strengthen the country's economic system".

In the four decades since the Islamic Revolution, many garment manufacturers and retailers have been shut down for selling supposedly “abnormal” wares: often clothes that are deemed too tight, or colourful. So-called “morality police” have also established a semi-permanent presence in the streets of many Iranian cities, harassing, detaining and even beating female members of the public because of their choice of clothing.

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